About Us

We are the leading manufacturer and exporter of Handicrafts. Our handicrafts are not only eco-friendly but our aim is to make whole world plastic free. 


Lets make the world more beautiful with natural products


Lets show the world that we manufacture worlds best eco-friendly handicraft


Lets show the world what we do and how we do.

Our story

Our artesian have excellent skills in Handicraft. They are still scattered in many places. They are still unnoticed by the world. They manufacture very beautiful , attractive things. Those are very useful for home decor and in households. They are not financial free as well as not equipped with the internet, the browsing world. Thus the search began three years back.

We found that there is gap where the world need beautiful things and artisan want the patting for their skills incurred in the art and handicrafts. Thus we started to build the bridge between the customers and the artisian. We have been organising all artesians under one roof i.e.  www.idekh.com, where we manufacture the handicrafts and show to world.