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The over-rushed local trains and loaded is an only mode of transportation of common man in this metro. One comes across all sorts of emotional experiences in this transition


Our Mumbai is a metropolitan City , full of life, energy and experience. While living one goes through different feelings full of joy, sorrow, anger, satisfaction which is nothing but the turmoil of human life. The growth of this metro, the limitation of land the complexity in the movement has made it unique.


The ‘Bus’ one of the mode of transportation converts into symbol of journey of life in my paintings the forms of bus interior, seats and human beings of different postures, characters , moods make it  meaningful through  my paintings.


An Excellent view from Artist: “My mind always think some abstract thought and I tried to always truly search that quest all thought.” An Artist expresses the complexity of human life through his simple forms and flowing washes, texture with high quality thoughts.

Though our life is full of problems of over population, every human being is alone isolated. One can’t escape from helpless situation. So this artist says ” I completely surrender my life in understanding these and thus see the unseen in positive patterns that shape upon my canvas.”

Keep life Simple and Enjoy all little things in life moments even if the life is toppled on you