Car washer & Minimum water usage

August 2, 2020 By AD Off

Sometimes it is a challenge to wash a car or bike in Indian terrain where there is a scarcity of water. Usually, people go out for Commercial Car Washing Centers in hot summer, spend money and wait till get ready. In some residential complex, people used to hire car wash cleaners on monthly basis. This is also economical but does work ergonomically. Thus it is impacting the cleanliness of car which we accepts many times because of rush

Now, have you ever experienced on long tour where you are exhausted and the car is not cleaned? Sometimes you have the water pump which runs on battery but your car battery drains out quickly. Here we are trying to answers few questions on the basis of our search.  

 Let’s begin with how much water you need, how much pressure, electricity required or what is best among manual or electric water pumps. You need not to join any course and any age adult can start car washing.

Your bike or small car like Maruti need 8 Litres in optimal use of water. Here the sticky or muddy dirt will not remove as that gets cleaned in commercial washing centres which take around 20 to 50 Litres for the same because to remove sticky dirt.   Let’s compare the available car washers in market.

Manual hand pressurize pump comes with 8Lit to 14 Lit capacity, which easily can fit in the small car too. These pumps don’t require electricity or running water. It has 1 bar pressure and easily removes dust from bike or car. Sticky dirt will not get removed easily unless use its brush. One need to use any kind of small shampoo pouch but not detergent. 16Lit-25Lit water capacity water pumps which can operate on 12V DC car usually 36-40 watts. It has good amount of pressure to remove dirt. But easily dries out car battery. To save battery, it is better to operate these pumps while car is ON or start and up to maximum 30 min per day.  These don’t fit in small cars. Other car washers which run on 1500-1700watts electricity with 120-140bar water pressure are like commercials car washing centres pump with great pressure. It consumes lots of water. It has water capacity around 25Lit-35Lit depending upon various brands listed on Amazon. The shown pictures are taken from amazon and to know more just click on them.

These are good washer pumps and can really be useful for various purposes like gardening, cleaning surfaces.