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Handicraft Products and Eco-friendly Products

May 12, 2019 By AD 0

Now a day, we are always intending to buy handmade products or eco-friendly products or natural products. And sometimes we also wanted to know if NGO products are available or real herbal or handmade products.
Well here we have done some research. Let’s put them in different categories.
Handmade or handicraft products:- These products may or may not be contained natural or eco-friendly content in it. But yes, they are made by human skills or hands. There is a huge demand of handmade market in around the globe.
Natural Herbal products: These types of products contain only natural resources or ingredients but not necessarily being manufactured by human skill or hands. These products sometimes have certain long life span. These are decomposable with nature and hence no impairment to environment as well.
Eco-friendly products: Sometime natural products are also called as eco-friendly products because it contains the same natural resources. But it is very thin line in it when it compares to life span. Mostly eco-friendly products are lesser life span, easily biodegradable than the natural products. There is no proven mechanism for it.
Both natural and eco-friendly product doesn’t harm to environment. Now world is gradually getting inclined towards eco-friendly products, because there are on-going campaign about the awareness to save our planet.  And why not? Everyone must be aware that the physical things must get decompose as quickly as possible if really want to save earth.
Also customers around world ask about the authentic handmade or handicrafts of India. Now a day there is more demand of herbal products which are safe to skin or body.  So we have provided a small platform to various NGOs which are actively involved in this activity. We get various questions regarding these agencies related to their work or authenticity about their products. So we have surveyed and found some really good NGOs which are into Herbal and unique handicrafts products. You can visit to our ‘GreenShoppe’ section here where various types of eco friendly products are displayed. These handicrafts are manufactured by either villagers, disable people or tribes. Please contact us for more information