Terms and Conditions

Ira Enterprise & its subsidiaries (“idekh.com”)  being online shopping portal has secured the customer’s interest.
Also we have open the market place for sellers/vendors to display and sell their products. Thus keeping in mind for customer and vendors, we have defined below policies and agreement with vendors which is transparent and easy to understand.
Return Policy:
We know customer is always at high importance and should get faith in you if you provide some flexibility to customers.
Customer have to follow the below process.
1) Take the photo of damaged or returnable goods.
2)Send and email to idekhinternational@gmail.com within 3 days of receipt.
3)You will receive the acknowledgement with return address.
4)Ship the material to the vendor/seller or to idekh admin office. The address will be shared to you once we acknowledged.
5)Once we received material/product then we will send another acknowledgement to customer’s email id.
6)The product will be investigated by us and by the respective seller.

Refund policy:
We ensure the complete satisfaction service to end customer. This will be hasel free process.
Once we or seller accept the returnable product the product/item money will be returned to customer’s account by NEFT or google pay.
We will acknowledge the receipt and the same should be acknowledged by customer.
Thus our service to customer about refundable will be completed.

Agreement with supplier/vendor  ………………………….            Date:   July-2020
Dear vendor,
It is our pleasure to introduce (Supplier’s company Name) as a prime vendor or supplier for our website www.idekh.com to all global market and customers.Before proceeding, please read through following terms and conditions.We will be delighting to do business with (Supplier’s company Name) once we received email approval to the following terms and conditions about display and sell on our website www.idekh.com.We have provided a vendor portal and vendor dashboard to upload products,prices and offer if any.
Once you check the agreement(or terms and condition) then you are agreed with the following terms and conditions.
Products display 🡺
 (Supplier’s company Name) is agreeing that we(www.idekh.com) is approved to display (Supplier’s company Name) products for advertising and selling on website www.idekh.com.
1) Vendor should display us the recent and correct photos of product.
2) The colour of product in the picture should match with actual product.
3) If there are different shapes and colors of the same product then the vendor is solely responsible for all return charges.
4) Once the product is displayed on website then it is agreed by (Supplier’s company Name).5) Supplier name will displayed with the product.

Prices display 🡺
6) (Supplier’s company Name) must provide price per unit and also mention coupons if available,offers if any 
7) The final selling amount (including shipping and tax if any) will be paid by customer.
8) You must update the price changes periodically without fail or reminder if there is any changes in future.

Ordering process 🡺
9) Customer books the order on website www.idekh.comThe same will be informed to you via email along with the customer’s address.
10) you must send an invoice to customer directly along with product. 

Shipping process 🡺
11) Since we are not keeping any inventory so we are not shipping any product to customer. So you should be doing the shipments from your end.
12) If you have your known or regional or local shipping courier service then we will include your regional shipping charges to final price of the product. 
13) Hereby (Supplier’s company Name) is agreeing that you will be doing direct shipment to our customer once you received shipment address from us.All communication will be done by email idekhinternational@gmail.com.
14)  Any broken shipment will be immediately replaced by (Supplier’s company Name). Customer name, number, address will be provided to you so that you should communicate with customer for feedback of broken shipment.

Payment process 🡺 
15) Customer pay the final price (including shipping charges and taxes if any) to us through online only.
16) For each transaction, we will deduct our admin charges and the balance amount will be transferred to your account through online only.
17) The balance payment will be transferred to your account once customer received product and confirmed by customer.
18) Payment will be transferred once in a week or once in a month to avoid service charges.
19) Hereby (Supplier’s company Name) and idekh.com are agreeing with mutual understanding that you will receive payment in weekly basis or monthly (at the end of month) depending upon the vendor registration form.
20) It is agreeing that (Supplier’s company Name) must be abiding with the return policy of www.idekh.com for any product….. (Note:- Terms “you” is referred as “(Supplier’s company Name)” and we is referred as www.idekh.com)

We reserve the rights to update or modify the terms and conditions for the improvement towards the betterment of customers and vendors.
****************************Agreement Document ends here*********************************
Let’s have journey together to serve India with the best products. An email approval stating that “we are agreed with www.idekh.com terms and condition”.Signature of vendor/supplier