Pathik- A Journey

This is a journey which you never want to break. It is a success story of your life written by you.
It is not only a talk but to walk on the actual path with the action mode.
It is scientific way of writing a your story which consists of many steps that makes you to ‘Live Your Life On Your Own Terms’.

About Why you need Pathik ?  This teaches you the Financial freedom, do whatever without competition in business or job or in life and the best is to manifest uniqueness. Does marks and grades adds up value in your life? The answer is here with Pathik. There are different steps included as below
TIMESYS: Time Management. & FINSYS : To overcome financial burden.
WINSYS : Actual walk on the Path. VIEWSYS: To capitalize on the setbacks
CONNSYS: To sacrifice or not to sacrifice UBU Attitude: To capitalize on the setbacks

TimeSys –
Learning about punctuality and discipline and benefits from it. Why this Timesys is important to learn in life? Then answer is with Pathik course.

ViewSys –
How to capitalize on the setbacks? How to learn from life? People are searching to cry and wanted to be victims. But here is the answer to overcome all mind drama. Every problem has solution to it.  But when the problem goes away with two things left behind i.e. either you are scared or you are a confident persona for future

ConnSys –
What is sacrifice or what is love, what is compromising? How to contribute & sharing? How to contribute to family, friend and in workplace?  The answer is Pathik, which makes you to know how to enhance Human Relationships

UBU attitude— You Being Yourself. How to know your uniqueness? How to manifest the uniqueness?  How to way think and change your self. This has been perceived in Pathik while rigorous training programs

MindSys – How to manage Emotions to your advantage? How to overcome on your mind’s drama? How to focus on energy and your objective?

How to live a Life on Your Own Terms? Why only motivational speeches are not sufficient to successes ahead?  Are you happy even if you are the top in business , jobs, education, buying dream car ? This confusion is leads to fear. How to get rid of all insecurities and fear without comparing yourself with anyone? There is actual workshop where you will have design your path and have to walk on it and with live project of  WinSys.

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